In July 2019, the British government set out its ambition that England should be smoke-free by 2030, now just ten years further. It acknowledged that this would be “extremely challenging”, and was therefore also committed to bringing forward further measures to achieve the ambition, including new ideas for funding tobacco control such as a ‘polluter pays’ approach, which will require the industry to pay for the measures needed to bring the tobacco epidemic to an end.

Government guidelines say the next steps should have been announced by January 6, 2020, but it still needs to do so. ASH, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Medical Association, the British Lung Foundation, the Royal Society for Public Health and many others are appealing to the government to make our Roadmap to a Non-Smoking 2030. At the top of the list is legislation that requires tobacco manufacturers to fund a Smoke-Free 2030 fund, to pay for the measures needed to quit smoking.

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