In 2021, despite the fact that many people are thinking about it but are unable to take the plunge, the majority of smokers cannot find the motivation to stop smoking. With the aim of giving you the keys to quitting smoking completely, offers you regular articles. Filled with advice, tips and solutions, our articles are there to help you quit smoking simply and without any return!

The benefits of quitting tobacco

To find the motivation to stop smoking, you must first understand what the benefits are. First of all, it is the health benefits that come to mind as they are the most numerous. Some are immediate, such as a drop in heart rate in less than an hour, others are delayed, such as better breathing after a few days. In long-term smokers, some of the positive effects are even greater, such as a reduction in cardiovascular risks and lung cancer. There are also benefits for skin, fatigue, teeth, hair, mind, fertility and physical performance. All of these benefits relate to your health and the health of those around you. By quitting smoking you will soon feel the positive effects in your daily life.

If the health benefits are not enough to get you started on quitting, then consider the financial benefits. The price of tobacco increases every year and depending on how much you smoke, being a smoker can be a real financial drain on your budget. Once you have successfully quit smoking, you can use that money in other ways.

Substituting cigarettes

One of the hardest things to quit smoking is nicotine. Nicotine releases adrenaline and dopamine, which is why smokers are so addicted to it. The longer you smoke, the more sensitive you will be to the removal of nicotine from your body. If you want to make a smooth transition to quitting smoking, substituting something with nicotine can be a great help. There are electronic cigarettes, vaping machines, patches and chewing gums that contain nicotine. As you progress with your smoking cessation, you can use them and gradually reduce the level of nicotine they contain to help you wean yourself off them.

These substitutes can replace other barriers to quitting such as the gesture, the smell, having something to hold, being able to take part in smoke breaks, or keeping your mind occupied when the urge to smoke comes back. These non-nicotine induced elements can also be treated with professional help. Alternative medicine or psychology are resources that can speed up your quitting and help you to never start again.