Traditional Chinese Medicine combines many incredible disciplines, including Chiapi method. It is a method of smoking cessation and smoking cessation. It is very effective as 80% of smokers no longer feel the urge to smoke from the first session and this is increased by 90% in the second session. It is a type of acupuncture technique designed to satisfy nicotine cravings.

Although Chiapi is a fairly simple method compared to other methods of quitting smoking, it is very effective for prevent stressful withdrawal symptoms of nicotine to manifest.

Distinguish between desire and desire

Distinguish between desire and desire is an important thing. Deficiency is a physiological need and envy is a psychological need. Experts in the field say that a greedy smoker is like a caged lion. When a smoker has cravings, they will show the following symptoms:

  • He gets angry easily
  • He is irritable
  • He’s out of patience

On the other hand, cravings are caused by their consumption habit and behavior towards smoking. It’s a sweet sin. By eliminating the cravings and cravings for nicotine, the Chiapi method doesn’t take all cravings. If a smoker does not feel deficient, he or she does not experience nervousness or obsession and has no difficulty in the face of temptations, habits and gestures.

To really stop the urge to smoke, it really has to be Change your daily habits: physical activity, diet, daily rhythm … By using the services of a professional in the field, he will receive advice to ensure that everything is going smoothly and calmly.

The opinion of professionals on the Chiapi method

the Chiapi method is a natural way to quit smoking. It has been scientifically validated since 1976 after Dr. Réquéna was tested on 1,142 people at the Hôpital de la Timone in Marseille. It was the first and only worldwide scientific study to date on the extent of smoking cessation.

After this success, the doctor continued to use the method on smokers during the training of practitioners. For now, over 20,000 heavy smokers can attest to the effectiveness of the Chiapi method.

Here are the statistics for 80% of the results, 70% long-term success and 10% of smokers relapse in the first month. According to experts in the field, the success of the Chiapi Method mainly depends on the person who wants to quit smoking, not the amount of tobacco used or the number of years of smoking.

An ex-smoker says: “After seeing a former smoker on the Hello Doctor program who quit using the Chiapi Method, I was intrigued. So I tested and it really works. Of course, you have to be motivated, otherwise you won’t hold out, which shows that success depends on you. But true happiness is when you don’t have withdrawal symptoms. I recommend anyone who wants to quit smoking without having to go through withdrawal.“Alex, 40 years old

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