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UICC and its members assist in the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) by encouraging governments and policymakers to adopt and implement the WHO FCTC requirements and guidelines effectively, and by raising awareness of the risks involved. related to the use of tobacco.

In the run-up to World No Tobacco Day on May 31 and beyond, UICC is campaigning to reduce the burden of cancer through tobacco cessation and prevention. The outreach complements the WHO campaign “Commit to quit”.

A ban on smoking in public areas, especially in closed environments, protects individuals by reducing their exposure to secondhand smoke, which contributes to 1.2 million deaths per year, including 65,000 among children. Taxes are a win-win measure for the economy as well as public health, as revenue can help fund health systems and prevention programs; studies show that a 10% increase in taxes leads to a 4-5% decrease in the demand for cigarettes. However, these and other effective measures are often undermined or made difficult to implement due to the massive financial and political weight of the tobacco industry, which spends an estimated USD 23 Million per day on marketing and actively disseminating misinformation.

In the coming months, UICC aims to raise awareness about these issues through website blogs and news, articles in science journals and social media campaign videos.

This page consolidates all relevant resources and content.