Every year, thousands of people are able to quit smoking, and you can do the same.

Quitting smoking is the only thing you can do to significantly increase your chances of living longer.

There are many ways to help you quit smoking so that you can choose a way that suits your lifestyle.

If you use face-to-face support again, you are four times more likely to succeed:

this FREE, is flexible and is now run by NHS experts who have helped thousands of people across Yorkshire stop smoking.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

  • Toxic carbon monoxide left your body in just 24 hours
  • Reduces your risk of cancer, heart and lung disease
  • your overall preparation improves
  • you will increase your fertility level and your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • improved lifestyle
  • You will save money – calculate what you spend in a year
  • you will improve your breathing and general fitness
  • the appearance of your skin and teeth will improve
  • you will remove that old tobacco smell from your hair, skin and clothes
  • your home and car will smell fresh and stay clean longer
  • you will reduce the risk of fire in your home

Benefits to your family

  1. with you will protect the health of those around you NO exposes them to second-hand smoke
  2. you will reduce your child’s chances of suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma attacks, meningitis and ear infections.
  3. you will have more money to spend on your family


Smokers in Doncaster can choose and mix their supports:

  • face-to-face support at the local and convenient exit store
  • Telephone support from trained consultants is available, with extended working hours seven days a week
  • Online support using Yorkshire Smokefree’s innovative 24/7 available online exit tool

Get help to quit smoking:

  • is calling 0800 6126663
  • visit Yorkshire Smokefree website
  • Call 03306601166 for free from your mobile phone
  • It is the phone number of the Pregnancy Smoking Stop Service 01302 876290
  • It is the telephone number of the Non-Smoking Service for children under 18 years of age 01302 640032
  • Non-smoking NHS

For NHS-approved applications, please visit our smokeless apps page


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