If you smoke, the most important thing you can do for your health is to quit.

Quitting smoking is not always easy, but with the right advice and support, any smoker can do it.

If you want to help you quit smoking, there are many options to help you.

Oldham’s Stop Smoking Service

Oldham’s smoking cessation service is managed by Your Health Oldham

He helps local people quit smoking through free special support:

  • Individual sessions
  • Phone and text message support
  • Access to nicotine replacement therapy and any other means of smoking cessation
  • Tips and advice that will support you on your journey to get out
  • Extra support to lose weight, exercise more, drink less for you

To start your smoking cessation journey, contact your Health Oldham:

  • Phone: 0161 9600255
  • Write “Oldham” to 62277 for FREE and we will call you

Or by filling out an online self-application form:

NHS Smokefree

The NHS Smokefree website has tips and information to help you take the first step to quitting smoking.

You can also apply for a FREE speech set and receive additional support via email, texts or interactive software.

You can contact the NHS Smoking Stop Helpline:


Your local pharmacy will also be able to offer you advice and help to quit smoking.

Talk to your GP

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help you reduce cravings, such as Champix.

They can also contact the Non-Smoking Community Service for more support.

Greater Manchester Smoke Free Application

Smoke Free is the most popular smoking cessation program available.

The application offers 24/7 support and you will receive advice and support from an expert exit coach, as well as be able to monitor your progress, health and how much money you are saving.

Residents of Greater Manchester can get free access to the Pro version for six months if they register on the Smoke Free App:

Help if you are hospitalized

If you smoke and are hospitalized, you will be referred to the CURE team.

The CURE team will immediately offer you nicotine replacement therapy and other medications to help you deal with your passions, as well as provide specialist support during your stay in the hospital and after you leave home.

As you prepare for your divorce, the CURE team will discuss the options available to you for continued support in the community.

When you leave the hospital, your CURE consultant will be able to refer you to a community pharmacy near your home, which will be able to offer you specialist support and medication to help you continue your smoking-free journey.

You will also leave home with at least 2 weeks of medication to stop the smoking of your choice.

If you are pregnant, help

Smoking during pregnancy harms you and your baby.

There is support to help you quit smoking and a non-smoking pregnancy.

The Non-Smoking Pregnancy Program has trained midwives and midwives who offer free nicotine replacement therapy to help with specialist support, individual CO monitors to monitor progress, and passions.

Prospective parents who successfully quit smoking are offered shopping vouchers to help them prepare for the arrival of their new baby.

When you make a reservation, the midwife will refer you to the Non-Smoking Pregnancy Team.

Support for partners and families is also available through our community smoking cessation service, Your Health Oldham: