This year marks the tenth anniversary of the NHS Stoptober campaign, which has helped more than two million people quit their jobs. Evidence suggests that if you can quit within 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit once, so quitting this October will make you more likely to quit once.

Many people try to quit smoking only with the willpower, but with the right help, it is very easy. There are many support options, so try the combination that works for you:

  • Try to use an Individual Output Plan
  • Download the NHS Smokefree app, it’s free to download, and it helps you track your progress, the money you’re saving, and access to daily support.
  • The Stoptober Facebook group is also available to keep in touch with other smokers trying to quit
  • you are three times more likely to quit smoking through your local smoking cessation service. For more information, please contact