Stop for Life Oxon provides free support to people who want to quit smoking in Oxfordshire. No matter how young or old you are and how long you have been smoking, we can help you quit once and for all.

Stop for Life Oxon is a free support service ordered by the Oxfordshire County Council. We are proud to say that you are three times more likely to quit smoking with our help.

Our flexible program also means that you can quit smoking in Oxfordshire with as much or as little support as you want. Do you feel that you have the willpower to quit smoking alone? Our Level 1 service is here to give you support tips and content when you need it through Oxfordshire’s best program.

If you live in Oxfordshire and need a little more help to stop smoking, our Level 2 program is a more personal support service that combines digital coaching through our Best-You program, along with motivational support from a health coach and Nicotine Replacement Therapy solutions.

If you don’t feel like just quitting smoking in Oxfordshire, our Level 3 program is our highest level of support and provides phone, email and face-to-face support to help you quit smoking once and for all.

As part of its comprehensive Tobacco Control Strategy, the Oxfordshire County Council aims to exempt Oxfordshire from smoking by 2025, with the goal of helping people stop smoking in Oxfordshire and inspiring the county’s first smoke-free generation.

The long-term health improvements you achieve when you stop smoking are well documented. Within an hour, the heart rate drops to normal and blood pressure returns to normal. Quit smoking completely and the chances of death from smoking-related diseases are sharply reduced.

Other benefits when you quit smoking include having more money in your pocket and advances in your social life. If for any reason you want to give up this habit, we are here to help Oxfordshire residents get rid of smoking and live a smoke-free future.

So, if you live in Oxfordshire and finally think it’s time to quit smoking, now and then, whether you need a little push or one-on-one professional advice and help, we’re here to help.
Stop for Life Oxon and our Best-You program are completely free to use on your journey to finally be.
quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle.