Would you like support to quit smoking?

We partner with the Stop for Life Oxon team to offer one-on-one support to employees, outpatients and their families living or working in Oxfordshire.

We can also provide smoking cessation support and referral services to local smoking cessation services for those outside of Oxfordshire.

Inpatients at the hospital can seek the support of our smoking cessation team and request an NRT to stay smoke-free while in the hospital. If necessary, we can contact your local smoking cessation service for ongoing support.

offer phone and video call Support through “Participate Everywhere”.

Parking 2021

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Stoptober, and the Trust wants to encourage everyone who plans to quit smoking this year to quit smoking this October.

About Stoptober

Stoptober is an annual Public Health UK (PHE) initiative aimed at supporting those who want to quit smoking by encouraging smokers not to smoke for 28 days in October. This is based on the statistics that if you can quit smoking within 28 days, your chances of quitting once will increase fivefold. Stoptober has made more than 2.3 million smoking attempts in the UK since 2012, but smoking remains the leading cause of premature death.

Support options

Stoptober site

Visit the Stoptober website for a guide to help yourself on your smoking cessation journey – smoking alternatives, personal stories of former smokers, and more. information about. You can also get a chance to win a free gift! If you want to quit smoking while in the hospital, talk to your ward’s smoking cessation counselor today about access and support for free nicotine replacement products.

FREE NHS Smoking Quit Program

Use this Stoptober NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier. Through the application, you can track your progress and savings, as well as receive daily support and reminders to help you in your exit.


The Oxfordshire Tobacco Control Alliance has announced its vision to inspire a smoke-free generation in Oxfordshire and aims to reduce the overall prevalence of smoking in the county to less than five percent by 2025. In addition, the Southeast Tobacco Control Network has developed its position. Statement on Electronic Cigarettes based on the latest evidence. Although not risk-free, they carry some of the risk of smoking and can be used to support you in your efforts to quit smoking. You can read the statement here (pdf).

Talk about everything

With the help of experts, you are three times more likely to quit smoking. Contact the OUH Here for Health team for support and guidance throughout your outing trip.

Using behavioral change skills and techniques, we can guide you step-by-step to give up your smoking habit, only to help you build healthier habits without relying on your willpower. Contact us here for health.

Stop Oxon for life

Stop for Life Oxon can help anyone who wants to quit smoking and build a healthier lifestyle in Oxfordshire. The team is a free support service ordered by the Oxfordshire County Council and can offer three levels of support. Visit the Stop for Life Oxon website to contact or talk to a member of the Stop for Life team.

Facebook page

Join colleagues or others who are considering leaving in a friendly and supportive environment on the NHS Smokefree Facebook page.

Email support

You can buy it for extra help 28 days tips and advice to stop smoking, direct arrivals are delivered to your inbox. Sign up for daily email support.

Non-Smoking National Hotline

Call for free Non-Smoking National Hotline about 0300 123 1044 (England only).
Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 20.00: Saturdays and Sundays from 11.00 to 16.00.

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