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Smoking is the world’s leading cause of preventable health problems and premature death. Recent figures show that tobacco use in Scotland is linked to more than 10,000 deaths and about 128,000 hospitalizations each year. Although the prevalence of smoking in Scotland has gradually decreased over time, further reduction in smoking remains a priority for improving health in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2017)

NHS Ayrshire and Arra’s smoking cessation service is called Quit Your Way. It consists of 3 parts: –

Quit smoking – Helping smokers to stop smoking.
Smoking prevention – Preventing people, especially young people, from starting smoking.
Smoking protection – Protect everyone from second-hand smoke.

Please note. Our Quit Your Way community team now offers phone-based support instead of face-to-face support until the next announcement. For more information or advice, contact the team at the toll-free number 0800 783 9132 or email

Exit the offer of your way FREE support and FREE stop smoking products. There are 3 options in our service to help you quit smoking: – Refusal of sessions, personal support or pharmacy support.

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Please call our toll-free helpline 0800 783 9132 about what to do for any inquiries, including if you are homeless and have difficulty leaving or working. Phone support can be arranged. Phone support is usually a weekly contact with a smoking cessation counselor. The consultant will arrange the delivery of your free products to your home.

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Information and tips for quitting smoking

Most of us have heard people talk about smoke, but very few understand what it is. Second hand smoke is the smoke you breathe from other people’s tobacco smoke. This is caused by smoke coming out of someone’s cigarette or by the tip of a cigarette that is left to burn.

Learn more about second smoke, including tips for getting your home and car smoke-free, take it outside right away, the national campaign website.

Quit Your Way offers a variety of preventative measures and exercises It is aimed at children and youth, from kindergarten to additional education. The goal is to create an environment where young people choose not to smoke.

Much of the protection against smoking is national legislation, policies and campaigns. Some examples are: –

  • A 2006 smoking ban to protect people from second-hand smoke
  • Non-smoking cars
  • Take it straight aside
  • Smoke-free areas such as hospitals and play areas
  • #favorit
  • #FREE
  • Commercial Standards for the Test Purchase of Cigarettes.

Click here to view Ayrshire and Arran Tobacco Action Plan 2018-2021.

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Ayrshire and Arran Tobacco Control Strategy 2012/21

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If you want more information and what we have to offer within Ayrshire and Arran, please call our toll-free helpline 0800 783 9132.

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