Services to help you quit

Exit for COVID

Smokers are more likely to develop COVID-19 and develop serious complications. So we support them to take advantage of the #QuitForCovid opportunity.

What we offer

Lewisham Stop Smoking Service offers telephone support instead of face-to-face meetings during the COVID-19 epidemic. We will still provide a full range of support, advice and treatments that can be collected from your local pharmacy.

How to start

Contact 0800 0820 388 to make an appointment with a specialist consultant. Alternatively, you can use iQuit, a digital smoking cessation service.

Learn more about the exit campaign for COVID.

Local support sessions

You can make an appointment to talk to a counselor who will offer free support and a prescription to help you quit smoking.

An online smoking cessation tool

The smoking cessation service has developed a smoking cessation tool that you can use on your phone, tablet or computer. The tool is as follows:

  • use is simple
  • helps prepare the best treatment for you
  • sends you a message when you may need moral support or encouragement to help you on your journey to quit smoking.

You can access the smoking cessation tool online.

Expert support

The smoking cessation service can provide you with expert support in the following cases:

Smokers who have difficulty quitting will benefit from a face-to-face meeting with a counselor and weekly support from a specialist team.

We also support national campaigns, including:

Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control

We are signing the Local Government Declaration on Tobacco Control, which includes the following:

  • reduce the spread of smoking and health inequality in the region
  • Make plans with partners and local communities
  • to participate in local and regional networks
  • to support government activities at the national level
  • to protect tobacco control from the commercial and personal interests of the tobacco industry
  • to monitor the progress of our plans
  • Join the Non-Smoking Coalition.