Before you quit smoking, you need to know that it’s a long journey. It will be tiring at times, but the effort will be worth it. The first step toward quitting smoking starts with writing down your reason for wanting to quit. Why do you want to quit smoking? What are your motivations? Maybe you want to protect yourself and those around you from tobacco smoke. Or maybe you want to avoid the risk of developing lung cancer, emphysema or cardiovascular disease. Whatever your reasons, write them down. Keep them in a place where you can see them every day to remind yourself why you’re doing this.Find a way to gradually reduce your smoking.

It can be difficult to quit smoking

Cutting back before quitting is extremely important and can make the process more manageable. If you smoke 25 cigarettes a day, try cutting back by half to see how you feel. This will give you time to get used to smoking less and still feel like a smoker. Gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day until you either don’t smoke any more or feel ready to become a full-fledged non-smoker.

To quit smoking, take one step at a time

You can also take steps such as putting the money you save by not buying cigarettes in a jar, which can motivate you in your quest to quit. The goal should be a long-term one, with no expectation that it will be achieved overnight.

How will quitting smoking change your life?

You may find it easier to quit smoking if you think about the impact of quitting on your life. One of the best ways to do this is to make a list of all the positive changes quitting smoking will bring. These can include more money, better health and self-esteem, and saving the planet from destruction (as far as cigarette butts are concerned). You can also write down anything that made you want to quit smoking. For example, maybe someone close to you developed lung cancer and died because he or she was a heavy smoker; or maybe your doctor told you that one day you would get emphysema too. In any case, consider how these things influenced your decision to quit smoking cigarettes for good.

to help yourself is to be informed!

If you want to quit smoking, the best way to do it is gradually. You don’t have to quit cold turkey if that’s not what works for your brain and body. The more you know about how your addiction affects your mind and body, the easier it will be to develop a plan of action that works for both parts of you. Visit for more help on how to quit smoking with less effort!