Hypnosis is a relevant method in the medical treatment of tobacco addiction. Through this process, the patient, who was previously mobilized by this dependency, already takes control of his senses and can thus re-enter society.

Such a procedure therefore enables the subject to perceive the cigarette as a foreign element or an executioner to which he is subordinate and which he must get rid of.

However, the decision to quit such an addiction must come from the subject so that the process does not fail. To this end, in this post you will find the aspects that need to be considered in order to cure tobacco addiction through hypnosis.

Why practice hypnosis?

At first glance, it should be noted that hypnosis makes it possible to dissolve the physical and psychological relationships of the subject with his addiction. Such a procedure is therefore different from that used by various nicotine substitutes.

It is therefore up to you to determine the usefulness of hypnosis, as well as the techniques used in hypnotherapy, in order to make your treatment for tobacco addiction successful. In addition, the schedule of the hypnosis session and the price of the hypnotherapy are factors that need to be considered in order to be successful with your treatment without delay.

Method used in hypnosis to stop smoking

To successfully stop your tobacco addiction, the therapist will stimulate your determination to quit. This process, also known as the suggestion mechanism and the imprinting concept, consists of gradually changing the smoker’s thoughts and speeches.

The challenge is to build a relationship of trust between the therapist and his patient. To do this, during the sessions the smoker can reveal his fears, his fears, in order to receive various recommendations from the therapist. Discover the hypnosis sessions of Catherine DEGIVES, hypnotherapist and kinesiologist near Hannut and Namur. Even with the different treatments, you will be completely satisfied with the quality of the service.

How does the smoking cessation hypnosis session work?

The smoking cessation hypnosis session takes place in different phases. These include:

  • Suggestions for changing the behavior of the smoker: At this stage the work is to get the smoker out of his anxiety state;
  • Change of smoking habits: in this phase it is important to get the patient to deal with their stress and worries differently;
  • Let the patient speculate on a tobacco-free future;
  • Establish a link between tobacco and the patient’s health. These techniques, used during the subject’s session, are essential to literally addressing the latter’s addiction. It would therefore be pointless to ignore it.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

The price of a hypnosis session depends on where you live and the quality of the selected therapist. In cities like Paris, for example, the limit can be as high as 300 euros and at least 70 euros per hour.

In addition, the duration of treatment can vary from therapist to therapist. So if a companion session is sufficient for some, different sessions would be required for others to successfully treat the patient.

However, it must be concluded that the number does not matter as long as the goals are met. In this case, it is therefore up to you to inquire about the success rate of this contractor in order to make the best choice.

How do you choose a good hypnotherapist?

To properly choose your hypnotherapist, it is imperative to see a doctor. This way you can avoid fraud and unpleasant surprises.

Therefore, be sure to entrust yourself to nurses and psychologists who have previously trained in this field. In addition, it is important to inquire about the background of the practitioner in order to relieve all stress and fears after the treatment.

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