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Our smoking cessation service – Smokefree City & Hackney

Smokefree City & Hackney is a smoking cessation service for anyone living, working, studying or having a doctor in London or Hackney.

Studies show that smokers are three times more likely to quit smoking with support and medication than with quitting smoking alone. Smokefree City & Hackney is an NHS service and supports free individual smoking. The service works with local pharmacies to provide smoking cessation drugs (free for those who do not pay for a prescription). All support sessions are currently based on the phone.

Every year, more than a thousand people give up Smokefree City & Hackney.

When you sign up for a free quit, you will receive 12 weeks of one-on-one support with a trained smoking cessation counselor. At your first meeting, you will talk to your counselor about why you smoke and why you want to quit, as well as your past attempts to quit. Your counselor will assist you in setting up a smoking cessation plan, including a smoking cessation date, and a product or prescription to stop any smoking you wish to use.

To register with our service, contact someone, or visit the Smokefree City & Hackney website for more information, email Smokefree City & Hackney, or call the toll-free number. 0800 046 9946.

As part of Smokefree City & Hackney Service, smoking cessation sessions are available at Fenchurch Street Boots (140 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 6BL). No need to meet.