Today is the best time to quit! – Lisa Gilroy

We know that quitting smoking can be difficult, and every failed attempt makes it even harder.

Lisa thanks to his adviser Shamsiye was able to resign. He realized that quitting smoking alone did not work, so he applied to the local smoking cessation service and was able to quit smoking successfully.

She now enjoys spending her free time going to the gym and keeping fit. Well, Lisa!

No matter what stage of your smoking journey you are on, it is never too late to stop smoking… .and your chances of quitting successfully quadrupled with your support.

I am now free from smoking! – Vernon Maxwell

Vernon was referred to the smoking cessation service through a doctor. He knew he had to do something to give up, and he was determined to do so.

Vernon, together with his smoking cessation counselor, was able to quit forever thanks to his motivation!

The first step is to know that you need help. Going to a cold turkey is not always the best option. With help and support, you are more likely to surrender for good!