DH launches Quit in June campaign in support of World No Tobacco Day (with photo)

DH launches Quit in June campaign in support of World No Tobacco Day (with photo)

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At World No Tobacco Day today (May 31), the Director of Health, Dr. Constance Chan, called on smokers to try to stop reducing their risk of tobacco-related diseases and death. The DH also launched the Quit in June campaign running throughout June to promote tobacco-free living, reminding members of the public of the increased risk of developing severe coronavirus 2019 associated with smoking.

The World Health Organization has designated 31 May as World No Tobacco Day each year to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocate effective tobacco control policies to reduce tobacco consumption.

Addressing the Non-Smoking World No Tobacco Day program today, Dr Chan said: “Quitting is beneficial for smokers of all ages and brings immediate and long-term health benefits. Smokers who stay tobacco-free for four weeks will be five times more likely to benefit to stop. “

Dr Chan added, “The Department of Health (DH) supports a number of non-governmental organizations to provide a wide range of free smoking cessation services and support. Smokers can also take advantage of the post-stop service provided by these service providers. to have smoking cessation medicine delivered to their homes by post. ”

Smokers are requested to call the Quitline (1833 183) or visit the designated website www.livetobaccofree.hk for more information on quitting and the available support tools and services. They can also download the “Stop Smoking” mobile app to keep up with their progress to quit and get tips on how to deal with cravings and stay tobacco free.

In response to World No Tobacco Day, a DH spokesman also warned against using any alternative smoking products such as heated tobacco products. “These products contain amounts of nicotine similar to those of cigarettes to maintain tobacco addiction. Smokers should seek support for smoking cessation with proven efficacy and safety,” the spokesman said.

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